[CARO] LINA (linalinalina) wrote,

Last night Joe's band played at bella dubby. It was really good. I'm proud of them. They're really getting good. The only thing is now I am tired as hell because this is the first time I've been out on a weeknight since I started up school and I was up late and now I am dying after a 12 hour day of work and school. This weekend should be fun though. I'm going to the Feast of the Massive Consumption (feast of the assumption...but that's what my family calls it) and Kathe is making a Zombie movie and she wants me and Joe to walk around dressed like zombies terrorizing people at the feast. And when the feast is over and there is garbage all over little Italy.. she's gonna make it look like we're the one's who destroyed the city. it's gonna be awesome.
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