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In The Year Of The Scavenger [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 Aug 2008|08:49pm]
I've decided that I have waited long enough not taking advantage of my upcoming birthday being in October and I'm going to have a costume party. Because most of my friends have lost their Halloween spirit and I'm going to help them find their way. I'm like the Jack Skelington of Halloween. But he talked about Christmas, So it's kinda backwards. I would be the person that if there was one of those lands in the movie that had a birthday cake on the tree entrance because I live in birthday land and I love birthdays. Then, I would run into Halloween land and be very titlated by it all and then report back to birthday land and made them have a Halloween party. 

Yes, that would be the person I would be.

But I wouldn't fuck it all up like Jack did.

Deep thoughts. 

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[15 Aug 2008|08:07pm]
Last night Joe's band played at bella dubby. It was really good. I'm proud of them. They're really getting good. The only thing is now I am tired as hell because this is the first time I've been out on a weeknight since I started up school and I was up late and now I am dying after a 12 hour day of work and school. This weekend should be fun though. I'm going to the Feast of the Massive Consumption (feast of the assumption...but that's what my family calls it) and Kathe is making a Zombie movie and she wants me and Joe to walk around dressed like zombies terrorizing people at the feast. And when the feast is over and there is garbage all over little Italy.. she's gonna make it look like we're the one's who destroyed the city. it's gonna be awesome.


[29 Jul 2008|08:02pm]
I have some kind of weird allergy/ maybe heat rash thing right under my armpit that will not fucking go away. I also do not have the time or money to go to the doctor. I guess I will just let it take over my whole body and just fucking die.

sorry. I'm just a lil upset.

school is fun, work sucks blah blah blah blah


[27 Jul 2008|05:50pm]
Today Is not a good day.


[14 Jul 2008|05:48pm]
School is hilarious. Everyone claps with glee after I do anything and I'm totally smarter than my teachers. Not about what they're teaching me, but just general overall intelligence. It's amusing. But I'm having a fantastic time.

I realize that sounded really snooty but If you were a fly on the wall....you would totally agree.


[19 Jun 2008|11:25am]
My Free internet source at home decided to block us so I really haven't been doing much interneting. apparently, my friends never got the memo and I finally checked all my messages and everyone wants haircuts now. I see how it is. Starting July 1st though, you guys are gonna have to go to Raphael's between 11am-5pm. Bitches.

hrrmm...what else... Oh, Joe and I got these sweet vintage couches from the 50's at flower child. (antique/ vintage store for all you out of towners) They're awesome white vinyl and they look like how people in the 50's thought couches were going to look like in the future. We're re-doing our whole apartment because this is the first year of Joe and I being together that we didn't move when our lease was up so we decided to spend the money we would be spending on a security deposit to redecorate.

not much else to report..

next week I'm taking like a 4 day vacation to just go balls out before I'm consumed with school and work and I'll be crabby and no fun. so call me.

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[18 Apr 2008|10:50pm]
[ mood | warm ]

These past two days have been sweet.... with the exception of my crippling tree pollen allergies.

Yesterday Joe, Pat, Theresa and myself attempted to grill dinner in the park, but the park we decided to go to after we finally got food and the appropriate lighter fluid (silly pat), had no grills in it and the sun went down so we cooked everything at our house and then played cranium and taboo. It was a nice night. Today I took Autumn for a really nice long walk and then we met up with Claire and Jacob and took the dogs to the river and went to peppers for dinner. I can just feel my mood lifting with the weather change. I swear I totally have that seasonal depression thing. It's pretty evident.

I know I haven't updated in a while, not much has been going on, I'm just working my ass off in the hopes I get to go to this school in July. I'm filling out a FASFA form and praying that my dad doesn't make too much money so I can get some grants, If not, I gotta wait till I'm 24 to get a loan. and that's too much time to not finally get to finish up doing what I want.

let's see...what else is going on...Joe's band is doing pretty good. They've been playing lots of shows. this weekend we were in Johnstown PA for one of their shows. I strongly suggest you DO NOT go there. It's America's asshole. And damn near impossible to buy beer to forget that you ever went there. It's kind of like a Greek tragedy like Tatulus or Sisyphus. If you're a dork like me you would get it.

and once again...I went back to my roots. but now I know that I'm not meant to be a blonde


[17 Mar 2008|02:14pm]
After a year and a half of not talking, my brother apologized to me..........via myspace message.


I wrote him back that the gesture was appreciated but it's going to take more than a myspace message, so we'll see what happens

on saturday night abbie took us to this work get together which kind of ended up being just A LOT of people I knew and haven't seen in a long time. it was quite nice.


fife's birthday [09 Mar 2008|12:14pm]
[ mood | cold ]

So friday was Fife's birthday and the crazy fucker decided we should go to dave an buster's...which will now be known as the trashiest place I have ever been to in my entire life. People playing arcade games and drinking beer at midnight putting their newborn babies on countertops and totally not paying attention to them. gross. As was the food.

Oh my friends, it did not end there...we went to Now That's Class and there was this old stripper woman, singing offensive lyrics on top of otherwise peppy 60's pop music...poking her ass with a dildo. I honestly could not bear to look up after a while. I was actually scandalized. her body was so wrinkly. ::shudder::

Saturday was just spend snowed in, playing wii games and we watched "things we lost in the fire" it was pretty good. I've been watching good films this week. I saw "my kid could paint that" on wednesday and "into the wild" on thursday. All winners.

well, that's about it. I'm gonna keep bitching about "spring foward" now. This is the worst time of the year for me. I have such an obsession about punctuality and time that my biggest fear is that not everyone is on the same page about what time it is. Freaks me the fuck out.


[06 Mar 2008|09:52am]
I've actually been doing things lately. imagine that.

saturday was the Dino prom. Ate at Maggiano's, had an open bar, awards, dancing, it was pretty fun. I actually wore a dress and heels and danced to rap music. I don't think I've done that since high school. Except now I'm an old fart because when I woke up the next day, I was walking like a baby giraffe being born for most of the day. I was in so much pain from wearing heels that long.

Sunday was pretty fun. joe and I spent the day lounging around, finding guitar tabs to ridiculous songs (i.e. Jewel "you were meant for me") and we did these hilarious sightreading reditions of these songs for a couple hours. It was pretty funny.

later, Kathe and Joe willis came over for haircuts, followed later by Pat and Theresa who came to play board games. We played the worst case senario survival game for about 10 hours and then when Pat and Theresa left, Our dumbasses thought it would be a good idea to get a nightcap at Twist. ridiculousness.

last night Claire and I watched the season finale of project runway. Christian won. suprise fucking suprise. He's just an Alexander Mcqueen/ Vivienne Westwood rip off. Bleh. Jillian shoulda won.

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