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These past two days have been sweet.... with the exception of my crippling tree pollen allergies.

Yesterday Joe, Pat, Theresa and myself attempted to grill dinner in the park, but the park we decided to go to after we finally got food and the appropriate lighter fluid (silly pat), had no grills in it and the sun went down so we cooked everything at our house and then played cranium and taboo. It was a nice night. Today I took Autumn for a really nice long walk and then we met up with Claire and Jacob and took the dogs to the river and went to peppers for dinner. I can just feel my mood lifting with the weather change. I swear I totally have that seasonal depression thing. It's pretty evident.

I know I haven't updated in a while, not much has been going on, I'm just working my ass off in the hopes I get to go to this school in July. I'm filling out a FASFA form and praying that my dad doesn't make too much money so I can get some grants, If not, I gotta wait till I'm 24 to get a loan. and that's too much time to not finally get to finish up doing what I want.

let's see...what else is going on...Joe's band is doing pretty good. They've been playing lots of shows. this weekend we were in Johnstown PA for one of their shows. I strongly suggest you DO NOT go there. It's America's asshole. And damn near impossible to buy beer to forget that you ever went there. It's kind of like a Greek tragedy like Tatulus or Sisyphus. If you're a dork like me you would get it.

and once again...I went back to my roots. but now I know that I'm not meant to be a blonde

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